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Programme Delivery- Foundation Phase Programme

Programme Delivery Divisions

Foundation Phase Programme

The Foundation Phase programme caters for Grades R-3 teachers. We deliver a wide range of learning opportunities. Our course topics and modules are structured in different modes to cater for your availability. You can choose to attend and make use of the following modalities:
  • Contact Sessions - Face to Face
  • Blended Learning
  • Online - Live streams
  • Online - Moodle - self-paced
  • Hibrate
Our learning opportunities range from 2 hour online micro learning opportunities - 66 hours contact sessions.

These learning opportunities are based on the 21st century teaching and learning styles; it consists of Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Critical Thinking, which focus on how teachers should teach and how learners should learn.

The courses are designed around the following key factors:

  • Modules are customised to suit the needs of the teacher.
  • Modules are not one size fits all programmed.
  • The pace of each module has been carefully considered.
  • Course modules are relevant.
  • Appropriate tools and applications are used which will enhance teaching and learning.
  • There is regular communication with facilitators via WhatsApp, emails and Moodle Chat and Forums.

Participants are required to join our Learning Management System (LMS) before the course topics in order to engage actively with the facilitator and other participants and collaborate on activities. Resources are also uploaded onto our LMS. Participants will learn by exploring different tools and applications that stimulate critical thinking. Our course programmes are designed in such a way that participants can explore creative ways to teach and learn.

All the Foundation Phase courses, modules and topics have been allocated points. In order to qualify for a South African Council for Educators (SACE) Professional Development certificate, it is expected that participants:

  • attend the presentations;
  • engage actively;
  • do the pre- and post-assessment; and
  • complete the course tasks.

We encourage that more than one teacher in the Phase attend a course. In the pursuit of strengthening the content knowledge and skills of our teachers we always take into account what our teachers know and what they do. Therefore, we encourage the sharing of best practices on our courses. It is our belief that teachers learn best from other teachers. It is for this reason that we have also included teachers leading some of our professional development training topics. We value our Foundation Phase teachers and we believe that Teachers Learn Better Together.