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Inclusive Education Programme

Inclusive Education is underpinned by a culture that values diversity and welcomes all learners as contributors to the school community. It seeks to normalise the diversity within our cohort of learners and provides the necessary support to teachers so that they too may flourish.

The Inclusive Education component at the Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute seeks to provide teachers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to support learners who face barriers to learning. One of the ways in which we seek to achieve this is through providing culturally responsive pedagogy which fosters powerful connections between learning strategies and learners from diverse backgrounds. By building strategies to design and deliver lessons which cater for learners with different cognitive abilities and learning styles, teachers can engage with their learners more successfully, thus promoting both their academic achievement and self-confidence.


Some of the concepts with which we engage are Barriers in Learning Languages, Barriers in Learning Mathematics (Foundation and Intermediate Phase) and Assessing and Supporting Learners (all phases).


The focus of our language programmes is two-fold namely: identifying and supporting the building blocks of language, e.g., auditory and visual perceptual skills and supporting the reading and writing process. The mathematical programmes’ focus is on barriers within number operations and relationships as well as measurement. Our final programme is that of assessing and supporting where we focus on diagnostic assessment, metacognition, differentiation, scaffolding, ISPs, and finally, accommodations and adaptations.


There is a variety of courses from which to choose: two-hour short, self-paced courses to 80-hour courses. Each course has facilitation/audio in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. Longer courses have facilitator led synchronous sessions and all courses are SACE endorsed.