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Programme Delivery- Inclusive Education Programme

Programme Delivery Divisions

Inclusive Education Programme

Inclusive Education in South Africa is anchored in a culture that celebrates diversity and embraces all students as valuable contributors to the school community. The fundamental philosophy is to normalise the diversity among our learners and provide essential support to educators, enabling them to thrive in this inclusive environment.

At the Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute, our Inclusive Education initiative is designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to support learners facing barriers to education effectively. A critical approach is implementing culturally responsive pedagogy, fostering strong connections between learning strategies and students from diverse backgrounds. By empowering teachers to design and deliver lessons that accommodate various cognitive abilities and learning styles, we aim to enhance engagement, promoting academic achievement and self-confidence.

In addition to our existing programs, we are excited to announce the incorporation of Positive Behavior, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Severe Intellectual Disability (SID), Learning Support, and Therapy-based programs within our Inclusive Education framework.

Our program addresses critical topics such as Barriers in Learning Languages, Barriers in Learning Mathematics (Foundation and Intermediate Phase), Assessing and Supporting Learners across all phases, and the newly added Positive Behavior, ASD, and SID programs.

Our language programs focus on two main aspects: identifying and supporting the foundational blocks of language, including auditory and visual perceptual skills, and supporting the reading and writing processes. In our mathematical programs, emphasis is placed on barriers within number operations and relationships and measurement. The third program concentrates on assessing and supporting learners, covering diagnostic assessment, metacognition, differentiation, scaffolding, Individualised Support Plans (ISPs), and accommodations and adaptations.

Our courses come in various formats, from short, self-paced two-hour sessions to comprehensive 30-hour courses. Language facilitation and audio are available in English, Afrikaans, and isiXhosa. Longer courses include facilitator-led synchronous sessions, and all courses are endorsed by the South African Council for Educators (SACE). This comprehensive structure ensures educators can choose courses that align with their needs and preferences, promoting a holistic and practical approach to Inclusive Education at CTLI.