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Teacher Appreciation
Teacher Appreciation focuses on the appreciation of teachers going above and beyond in their duties. One of the most prestigious events is the NTAs. With this, we also celebrate World Teachers’ Day and the Global Teacher Prize – all recognising excellence in education.
    • NTAs - Recognising excellence in education by celebrating teachers
    • World Teachers’ Day - A series of webinars focusing on a wide range of topics addressing the current context we find ourselves in.
    • Global Teacher Prize.
  • National Teaching Awards

    1. The National Teaching Awards (NTAs) recognise excellence and high levels of professionalism and provide the education fraternity with the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of outstanding teachers by highlighting the exceptional work done by teachers.

    2. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is, therefore, proud to present and host the 22nd edition of the annual provincial awards ceremony, a preliminary event before the 22nd annual NTAs ceremony, scheduled to take place on 19 October 2022.

    3. An electronic version of the Nomination and Information Guide, containing the nomination forms and qualifying criteria, is available from the link below. A copy of the Nomination and Information Guide is also attached. Please note that no printed copies will be supplied to schools. Schools are requested to download the said documents via the following link:National Teaching Awards

    4. All teachers, governing bodies and district officials are invited to submit nominations, based on the criteria contained in the Nomination and Information Guide, to their principals or centre managers.

    5. Deserving teachers may be nominated in the following 13 categories:

    • Excellence in Grade R Teaching
    • Excellence in Primary School Teaching (Grades 1–7)
    • Excellence in Primary School Leadership
    • Excellence in Secondary School Teaching (Grades 8–12)
    • Excellence in Secondary School Leadership
    • Excellence in Special Needs Teaching
    • Excellence in Special Needs School Leadership
    • Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (GET)
    • Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (FET)
    • Excellence in Teaching Natural Sciences
    • Excellence in Teaching Physical Sciences
    • Excellence in Technology – Enhanced, Teaching and Learning
    • Kader Asmal Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 6. Principals and centre managers are requested to forward the completed nomination forms to the following email address: [email protected]

    7. Please refer to the link for Annexure A and the Checklist for details of the submission of Nomination Forms and the subsequent adjudication process. Annexure A and Checklist