Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute

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Programme Delivery- Intermediate and Senior Phase Programme

Programme Delivery Divisions

Intermediate and Senior Phase Programme

These programs consist of providing Professional Learning Opportunities for Grade 4 to 9 in-service teachers.

These Professional Learning Opportunities consist of:

  • formal 30-hour/3 week courses

  • short courses from 2 hours to 5 days
  • Creative Arts
  • micro Learning opportunities and
  • Natural Sciences
  • seminars and webinars.

The emphasis is on the mandate set by the president, National Department of Basic Education (DBE) and the WCED which is Mathematics and Languages ( with a focus on reading) but the CTLI offers a rich bouquet of PLO’s in subjects like Coding & Robotics, Natural Sciences, Physical Education and Creative Arts. The focus is on subject-specific teaching methods, tools and techniques, classroom management, and blended learning. Most of our PLO’s are SACE endorsed.

These course topics are based on the 21st century skills, which are Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Critical thinking. During the courses, you can expect to:

  • receive expert training and guidance from experienced trainers sourced from schools and other professionals in their field;
  • share good practices with other teachers in the course;
  • be taught sound pedagogical teaching skills and practices; and
  • develop your Information Communication and Technology skills.